Sunday, January 22, 2006

I wonder if ideas of pursuit of more interests was collect decision.
Many countries declaire economical progress and most companies are looking for the way to get more benefit and interests of them. It seems natural. And it is surely important task of them. However, if they keep competing each other and using resourse more and more, what remain on the earth two centries from now? Given it, our hope of better life materially is a little strange, isn't it. Our best life may lead to the worst life of our descendants. We cannot keep progress forever.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Now, I read a novel in which zen, one of Buddhism ideas, is written and I feel it's interesting.
It may be most crooked idea. zen is, of course it is impossible to explain about zen in a few word, to deny everything. In other words, zen is absolute subjectivity.
Some say Japanese never explain their selves, but once, for example a famouse zen priest Ikkyu denied even Buddha.
It is interesting, isn't it?

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Today, someone talked about "tradition" in the class, so I would tell you my opinion about it .

It is stupit to think that tradition should change or be changed. Traditions have been changing from two dimensions. One is changes of one tradition and the other is transitions from one tradition to another one. Former is like a japanese emperor system. Changing its shape, the system has been continuing for two thousand years ( though it is enough doubtful). Latter is, for example, private death penalty of Japan. Now we are prohibited to do kill someone privately, however by Edo era, it was legal, rather necessity in some situations. Later cases would rather seem to be vanished.
In private custom, similar thing appers. Imagine a child who like to read a comic. If he grow up and become to read a novel, it apply to the formar case: change in one tradition. If he become to cease from reading and begin to listen to music, it is the latter case: transmission of traditions. The custom of reading vanish here, but his concentration to someone do not vanish.
Some conservatives neither see the latter case in their history nor find the former case happened. They just insist that trandition should not be changed.
One day of my winter vacation, I hear a opinion of japanese conservatives about the tradition of male emperors. They said that japanese emperors have been all males. This is a traditon of 12x generations... If tradition is important becouse it is long-time tradition, nothing should not have changed from our ancient era. Should we make fire with stones or woods. No, the way also inovation of old era, so should we use only natural fire? Ptupid!
And keeping men emperors is rather discrimination. If a company insist " our company never employ any woman", they must be attacked. If the tradition would continue for 3000 years, it is discrimination.
I don't think that we should break the tradition. However if they persist on men emperors' tradition, they need another reason.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Happy(?) NEW YEAR
Several days has passed from the new year started but I haven't feel any kind of happiness but several unhappiness. Especially, the first day of this year was terrible.

I spent the first day of this year as the worst day of all my live. During my part time job, the last year was past. Even I didn't hear the joyanokane(除夜の鐘, the watch-night bells). But this was not so bad bcause I knew I would do. The crucial happening was happened after that. The day my job finished at 10 a.m. I was hurry because I cared my moterbike that was bought only a few days before.
At the last day of each year japanese gangs often act on their way, no mercy they have. I worried that they would do something bad to my moter bike, or worse, they would him (or her) away! The rock of my moterbike was useless! You will understand how much I was satisfied when I found my moterbike was there.

I turned the key as usual. Strange. Usually, when I do it, green light burns under a speedomater, that means gear is neutral. However nothing happened on him(or her).
" Please, please say anything." But he (or her) didn't. Crucial. His(or her) battery seem to go to heaven. Only its body was remained there. Oh! My god, if you were. I wanted to take him(or her) to a moterbike shop but I didn't know any eccentric person who works from the begining day. So I took him to a gas station, hoping someone could have revived him. But no one there couldn't. The person tried to do electorical shock, but the clip didn't reach the minus terminal of the battery! I undrestand that there is no god. You should understand how I was exausted. I worked about 14 hours and after that I pushed him about one kilometer. He weight more than one and half man.
After the gas station, I pushed him to a large discount store which I know
is open all days but it's not certain that they would cure him. I was a drowning person and the store was a straw. But the straw was far from me.
It may be 2-3 kilometers. Finally I reached there. And I decided to buy a new engine. It cost more than ¥10 thousand! I changed his battery and he was revived! The straw was stronger than I expected.
But don't think tragedy was over then. Hardship wsa going on. The matter was time: it was already 2 p.m. I should have got up 3 O'clock. When I went back home, it was already a half past 2. No time to sleep. So I took a shower and left home for my part time job. My moterbike was lively but I felt I would have dying. My job would finish 5 a.m. of the next day!

I thought the god surely is and he tried me, or I was cursed by evil spilit!These two are the same thing essentially, but two are accepted differently.
Lazaro Ludovico Zamenhof
He also lamented problems of social diversities. He was born a city of poland 19th centry, when the city was a part of the Rossian Empire and four nations existed there: Rossians, Polanders, Germans and Jews. They have differnt languages and religions from each other. Thus the city was so-call a melting pot.
People often quarraled each other and young Zamenhof disappointed and even resented these conditions. He tried to solve these problens. Though he didn't think about historical matters, he reached his answer.
They were because of lack of a common language and religion, so he decided to make the common language, that is now called as Esperanto.
I never think that Esperanto will flourish all over the world and every one can speak the language. However I respect his life and his will for peace.

Monday, November 07, 2005

All we should do is to understand and accept differences. We should always try to understand a wall is between us. What one thinks and says are sometimes recieved by others quite differently, and misunderstanding tends to be larger between people whose backgrounds are diffrernt.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

It is quite natural thing that every human is different one another. Blake, yellow or white, long hair, short hair or hairless, touchy or patient, Muslim or Christian.
We usually don't care them when this difference is tiny. Howevev, when the difference is so large that we can't help minding it, descrimination happens.
Of course we are not built by one factor: there must not be the same person all over the world. But most of us don't bare this fact and make a group with a same identity or similar one. And we feel comfortable with them. And when we find someone in the group is 'different' from the others, s/he will be descrimed.

How we can avoid it?

Sunday, October 02, 2005

The dog

I tell you a tale that perhops you don't know.

There was a dog once upon a time.
The dog was diffrent from the other dogs.
The dog was always grinning.

The other dogs around him hated him because of his strange facing expression, and so they always bited him.
So the dog was always injured.

One day, when the dog taking a walk, another dog bite him in the neck.

Blood was covered on the ground.
The grinning dog was die.

However the othe dog wasn't blamed by the other dogs.
And he didn't feel any responsibility, either.

This is the tale.
We have to know the difference often makes discrimination.
But, there surely another fact.
Difference does not always discrimination.

I will think about this.